How many people does it take to make environmental education and conservation a part of a community?


Just one. Just you.


Gifts from people like you have a significant impact on our programs. Approximately 30% of the Friends of Rye Nature Center's operations and programs depend on your investment in our mission.


Your commitment to those who have little access to nature led to the creation of the Nature Access Fund this year, which allowed us to expand the number of programs serving low-income families, senior citizens, and the disabled. Your eye towards the future allowed us to plant over 500 new trees, shrubs, and wildflowers at the Nature Center in 2016. And your desire to share nature education is why over 20,000 families and adults throughout Westchester are able to call the Rye Nature Center their nature center.


Your gift improves what we accomplish every year and how our community will look in the future. Your support ensures continued conservation of our 47-acre forest and preserve, a treasure that has been central to Rye since 1959. Your commitment to the Friends of Rye Nature Center keeps Rye focused on its local environmental, nature, and science education.


We are not done growing; there are still so many more people to whom we can give the gift of nature. And the work of a conservationist is never done; our forest needs your long-term stewardship.


Your support does more now than ever before. Please donate generously today. Every gift is the start of something bigger.


With warm regards,







Jennifer Morris

President, Friends of Rye Nature Center

Christine Siller

Executive Director, Friends of Rye Nature Center

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Your commitment to making

nature accessible to everyone

ensures that no one is left inside.

Your passion for conservation helps local bees thrive with the addition

of our new pollinator garden

Your support allows us to include STEM

concepts in our great nature education programs.

Your dedication of volunteer

hours helps maintain our beautiful

grounds, keeps our animals healthy

and clean, and contributes to the

success of annual FRNC events.