"Green" Birthday Parties

Available Dates


We are now booking parties for the 2018-19 school year.


To book a birthday, please e-mail kriskarpinia@ryenaturecenter.org



Available Dates:



Friday, April 26th 3:30pm - 5:30pm



Friday, May 31st 3:30pm - 5:30pm




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Host your child’s next birthday party in “green” fashion. The Rye Nature Center offers birthday parties that are eco-friendly, educational and of course a lot of fun! RNC promotes parties with a green twist. We provide re-useable tableware and compostable goods, as well as offer eco-friendly favors for an additional fee.


A variety of programs for all age groups. From animal adventures to herbal tea parties, there’s something for everyone.  Price and guest limit vary based on chosen party theme. Additional charges may apply. An environmentalist level membership ($100) or higher is required to book a party. Membership may be added at booking.

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Event Details


Booking a birthday party at RNC will entitle you to 2 hours of fun! Three-year old parties are limited to 1.5 hours to maximize the fun, please also be aware that the party parent/adult must present for additional supervision throughout the entirety of the birthday party.


Hour 1: An experienced FRNC educator will provide your child and his or her friends with a program of your choice. See below for details.


Hour 2: This is time for your child and his or her friends to enjoy refreshments, food and activities of your choice. RNC will provide tables, chairs, reusable plates, forks, cups, spoons and napkins. FRNC does not provide food, cake, beverages or decorations. We encourage parents to limit the number of decorations. We do not allow non-eco-friendly decorations including balloons, noisemakers, streamers and piñatas.

Cost & Cancellation Policy


Birthday Parties are a member-only benefit at the environmentalist level ($100) or above. Membership may be added on the day of booking.


The base party fee of $400 includes is for up to 20 children. The group size is limited to 15 children for three-year old parties. All children aged 3 and over (including siblings) are included in this count. Up to 5 additional children may be added to the party for a $10 fee per child. The party may not exceed 25 children. Certain party themes have a lower guest limit and added components (campfires, crafts, etc.) will incur additional fees; see "party themes" below for more information.


Full payment (cash or check) is required within three days of booking.  Membership is non-refundable. Payment is refundable less a $50 processing fee if cancellation is requesting in writing 30 days prior to party date. No refunds are available less than 30 days prior to event.

Party Themes:


Ages 3 & up:


Animal Extravaganza: Let “party animals” entertain and educate your family and friends! Enjoy a live animal presentation from our menagerie, including a visit from our hungry friend Hercules the Bearded Dragon, an “air show” by our winged friend Paloma the Dove, and wear a snake necklace: our friend, Popcorn the Snake.


Nature Adventures: This is best combined with another program including Animal Extravaganza. Choose from a variety of Nature Adventures below.

  • Seasonal Hike: Children attend a naturalist-lead seasonal hike. In spring and fall, children search for critters including earthworms, deer, birds and more. In winter, children track animals in the snow, search for wintering birds, and sled outdoors.

  • Scavenger Hunt: Similar to our hike, children will obtain scavenger hunt cards to search for seasonal nature objects including sweet gum balls, acorns, leaves, sycamore balls, and worms.

  • Nature Crafts: For an additional cost per child, choose one of the following nature crafts from the list below.

                  Design your own plant pot - $3/child  

                  Design your own collection bug jar - $3/child

                  Create  your own pine cone birdfeeders

  • Plant Your Own Seed: For an additional cost per child, you can plant your own seed with a garden naturalist to bring home and watch mature. This option can be conducted all seasons of the year, inside or out. Cost: Additional $50.    


Ages 4 & up:


Pollinator Power (Late March – October): Start your party with a visit from a few of our resident insects, examine butterfly specimens and learn about the life of a honeybee. Party will end outdoors, searching for local pollinators. Take home your own caterpillar larvae for an additional fee per child. Call for pricing.


Herbal Tea Party (April – Early October):  Brew a delicious pot of tea using herbs from the RNC garden and discover which flowers taste and smell the best! Children will create their own tea sachets to take home. Tea sets provided. Costumes encouraged. Cost: Additional $25


Garden Party (April – Early October): Put your green thumbs to work! In this birthday party, children will plant their own gardens to take home. Projects for your party guests include, but are not limited to, planting a salad garden with lettuce, radishes, and nasturtium flowers, and making a fragrance garden with culinary herbs such as mint and basil. Cost: Additional $50.


Apple Cidering (September - November): Taste apple cider right off the press! We will explore the apple cidering process and everyone will get a firsthand experience with the apple cider press. Cost: Additional $50.  


Ages 5 & up:


Maple Sugaring (February – Early March): Learn how to tap sap the old-fashioned way! We will explore how maple trees produce sap and get a peek at the sugaring process in RNC’s own maple sugaring shed. Children will sample maple syrup. Cost: Additional $25.


Nature Treasure Hunt: This program uses nature riddles to find a treasure hidden in the woods. Parent must provide an eco-friendly prize for the treasure hunt. RNC can provide a prize for an additional fee.


Mad Science: Add a science experiment to your child’s birthday! Create vinegar volcanos, egg parachutes, or create a diet coke and Menthos geyser. This program will be altered and modified based on your child’s age and interests. This program is best combined with another theme. Cost: Additional $35.


Nature Crafts: For an additional cost per child, choose one of the following nature crafts from the list below. This is best to be cominbined with another program as an add-on.

  • Paint your own birdhouse - Additional $5/child

  • Paint your own turtle or butterfly planter - Additional $4/child


Campfire Add-On–A campfire can be added to the last 15 – 30 minutes of any party. Children will enjoy a chance to roast marshmallows, hot dogs and more! Food products are not provided by RNC. Cost: Additional $50.


Ages 6 & up:


Pond Investigations (Late March – September): Start the party with an animal show showcasing RNC’s pond critters. Spend the second half of the party getting a little wet investigating RNC’s ponds. Guests should  be advised to come prepared with rain boots.  


Ages 7 & up:


Rocks, Minerals and a Pair of Safety Goggles: Follow a naturalist to the RNC quarry. Children will get a chance to mine their own piece of feldspar, mica, gneiss or quartz just like real miners. Max group size: 15.


Map and Compass Treasure Hunt: There's a treasure hidden in the woods, but to find it you'll need to learn how to use a compass, read a map, and solve riddles. Parent must provide an eco-friendly prize for the treasure hunt. RNC can provide a prize for an additional fee. Max group size: 15.



Ages 9 & up:


No Match, No Problem: Can you make a fire without using matches or a lighter? Our ancestors tens of thousands years ago could, and it kept them safe, warm, and fed. In this program children will get to try a variety of fire making methods - from ancient to hi-tech. Cost: Additional $50.  


Wilderness Skills: If you had to spend a night in the woods unexpectedly, could you do it comfortably? This program can be customized to feature shelter building, foraging for wild food and safe water, or making fires. Cost: Additional $25-50 depending on chosen program.