What are the four steps to “Certify Your Backyard?”

Food: Your yard probably has some plants to provide nectar for butterflies or nuts and berries for birds and small mammals. Add a few more native plants or hang a bird feeder for a little extra support. You may also want to let a small section go wild! You’ll be amazed what pops up there and so will the wildlife. Encourage as much diversity as possible!


Water: Remember, all wildlife need water for drinking and bathing. If you already have a pond, or border a body of water then you’re done. You’ll be seeing those water loving creatures like dragonflies, amphibians and birds. If not, just add a birdbath or small “rain garden.”


Places for cover: Add some dense evergreens or shrubs and a woodpile, rocks pile or rubble wall if you don’t already have them. Make a cozy brush pile from logs, twigs, evergreen branches and leaves. In the fall don’t blow all the leaves off your flower and shrub beds. This will provide warmth for over-wintering small creatures and make natural mulch for your plants.


Places to raise young: Birds love dense evergreens for nesting. You may also leave dead trees or fallen braches or add a nesting box. Don't forget the butterflies and other insects. Add plants suited to lay eggs.


Help us make Rye the first "Certified Wildlife Habitat" TM in New York State!

Simply by clicking the link below, you bring us one step closer to certifying Rye at New York's first "Community Wildlife Habitat" TM.




Go to www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife for an application and more information.

If you love gardening, care about out environment or work in our community then please join us. Contact Jeni Casinelli at jenicasinelli@ryenaturecenter.org for more information.