What Can I do at RNC?

Rye Nature Center offers an array of programs and opportunities for those aged 2 years old to adult. Some of those who start off in our preschool ecology program at 3.5 years old return later as summer camp volunteers and even camp counselors. Plus, public and family programs are open to those of all ages!


2 - 4 years old

Start your little one with their first nature experiences at one of our Mommy & Me classes (Monday mornings) or Daddy & Me classes (1st Saturday of the month).


3.5 - 5 years old

Once children are 3.5 years old, they become eligible for many of our drop-off programs at FRNC. The most popular at this age is our extended day preschool ecology program, which creates a well-balanced day for those who attend one of the local preschools in Rye or surrounding community. They are also age appropriate for our vacation camps, School's Out Workshops, June Bugs program, and a summer ecology camp.


5 - 10 years old

After starting elementary school, children continue to participate with our vacation camps, School's Out Workshops, and summer ecology camp. However,  they can now sign up for our after school clubs including our exclusive Kindergarten Eco-Adventures club on Thursdays or our Wild Outside club on Tuesdays!


11 - 13 years old

After entering 6th grade, children can take part in our Naturalists-In-Training or NIT group within our summer ecology camp. This group participates in weekly field trips and spends one late night a week at the nature center for a campfire cookout!


14 - 15 years old

You might be too old to be a camper, but not a volunteer. The nature center is always looking for volunteers who are 14 and above. At 14 years old, children are eligible to become an animal care volunteer, grounds and forest volunteer or an education program volunteer. Once children are 15 years old, they can join our summer camp volunteer team for up to two weeks.


16 - 17 years old

Many of our superb camp volunteers are later offered a summer job as a summer camp counselor during their time off from school. We also have many high school interns who help within the garden, on the grounds, and with our education programs from April - June each year as part of their high school requirements. For aspiring biology/ science students, the nature center can host their research projects or use their help in one of our own.


18 years old & up

The opportunities countinue even after you turn 18. You may lead a group of your own as a group leader in our summer camp or participate in one of our adult only programs like our Tomatoes Fest program on Tuesday, September 9th. Finally, bring the kids, grandkids, nephews or nieces with you on one of our public and family programs on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. Don't forget, the nature center is always looking for volunteers for everything from grounds work to answering phones!